The Eco-Explorer’s Club: Sustainability, caring for our planet

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The Eco-Explorer’s Club: Sustainability, caring for our planet

Let’s learn about living sustainably! This lesson focuses on the choices we can make to maintain the world we live in for future generations. Join us on our journey to become Eco Explorers and tune in for more on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Learn about living sustainably with The Eco Explorer's Club

People need food, clothing, places to live, as well as goods and services that we use in our daily lives. So how can we help to make sure the world's resources are being used sensibly and won't run out?

Have fun and get the low down on sustainability with Reuben the Entertainer

It’s story time! Reuben The Entertainer joins us to learn all about Sustainability and caring for our planet. Tune in and learn all about Biodiversity with some fun activities.

Enjoy a virtual tour of Dublin Zoo with The Eco Explorer's Club

Welcome to another episode of The Eco Explorer’s Club virtual tour of Dublin Zoo. Which of the animals featured today are extinct in the wild?

Draw with Don - Orangutans!

Join The Eco Explorer's Club for Draw with Don. Learn how to draw beautiful Orangutan.

Try some yoga and learn about rainbow moments with Caragh

Learn all about living sustainably through yoga and meditation! Join in with Caragh and her little Eco Explorers, let's enjoy some magical rainbow moments.