For Our World

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For Our World

What colour is a Giraffe’s tongue? How can you tell gorillas apart? Want to know the answers to these questions and more?

This summer along with our Sustainability Partners, Dublin Zoo, we’re bringing the excitement of wildlife and conservation into homes nationwide with For Our World; a series of interactive and fun online learning adventures, featuring renowned wildlife photographer Mike Brown and the animals from Dublin Zoo.

Tune in every 2 weeks for a new episode packed full of unique facts and information about the animals at Dublin Zoo and the conservation programmes they support, as well as plenty of inspiration to explore Ireland’s natural world.

Throughout the series, wildlife photographer Mike Brown will set mini challenges to get you out exploring your local area and learning more about conservation and biodiversity.

Habitats - Penguins

Come explore! From the Penguins in Dublin Zoo to the Dolphins that enjoy our waters, this series will help connect you to the world around us.

Habitats - Western Lowland Gorillas

Learn a little and play a little, meet the Gorillas of Dublin Zoo and go investigate your local area to see what habitats you can spot.

Conservation - Red Pandas

From the adorable Red Pandas in Dublin Zoo to the much-loved Robin of local gardens, discover a little more about the world around us and how we can all help to take care of it.

Conservation - Elephants

Tall trunks and tall tales – the world around us is something beautiful to protect. For Our World invites you to come explore our natural world...

Biodiversity - Giraffes

Discover more about the Giraffes of Dublin Zoo and the natural world around us. Watch now to learn a little more about For Our World.

Conservation - Rhinos

From the green roof on the Rhino house in Dublin Zoo to the wind power that comes from our western shores.  All of us can do our bit For Our World.