Home hacks with DIY Dermot: Home upgrades​

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Home hacks with DIY Dermot: Home upgrades​

These days we’re all trying to live more sustainable lives. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. No more so than when faced with the daunting prospect of making our homes more energy efficient. SSE Airtricity has a solution for you. DIY Dermot has been busy researching the home upgrades that might be suitable for his home. Let’s look at the benefits and all the information you need on Solar, insulation, heat pumps and doors and windows.

Solar panels

How are you with heights? DIY Dermot knows the best home hack to get Solar PV sorted. Love it!

Solar PV are Photovoltaic solar panels that turn daylight into electrical energy without producing carbon emissions. This electricity can be used to power appliances in the home, heat water or it can be stored in a battery for later use.

Rooftop solar PVs are the most commonly installed in Irish homes. SEAI grants are available and your Generation Green Home Upgrade Project Manger will help you with the application process.


  • The average solar PV system can save you up to 50% per year on electricity bills, and can supply you with 70% of your hot water needs. Not only that, the SEAI offer grants to help cover the initial costs.
  • Solar PV will impact the BER of your home and increase the resale value.
  • Generating renewable electricity cuts down on carbon emissions

Our Solar PV Expert Partner

SSE Airtricity have chosen to partner Activ8 Solar Energies, Ireland’s leading solar experts to provide a bespoke solution to your solar needs.


Another home hack from Dermot and he has three simple steps to insulating your home.​

Why insulate your home?

  • A well insulated home will reduce heat loss and energy bills.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and improve your home’s BER rating.
  • More home for you and your family.

Roof insulation

Homes that do not have roof insulation will use more energy to warm up and stay warm. This is because heat rises and it will escape through a poorly insulated attic or roof.

Wall insulation

External wall insulation involves fixing insulation materials to the outer surface of the wall. The insulation is then covered with a special render to provide weather resistance. A variety can be applied ranging from acrylic paint, pebble dash and brick cladding.

A cavity wall is two rows of brick or concrete blocks with an air space between them. Heat loss can be reduced by injecting an insulating material through the external wall.

Dry lining is an internal measure and the space will be slightly reduced.

Our Insulation Expert Partner

SSE Airtricity Home Services have carefully chosen to partner with Kingspan for your home insulation upgrades. Kingspan are global leaders in high-performance insulation and sustainable business. Kingspan were founded in Ireland in 1965.

Heat pumps

DIY Dermot knows a thing or two about heat pumps… and how to leave the big jobs to the experts. Love it!

A heat pump is an easy-to-use renewable heating system that can save you money on heating and cooling your home. Heat pumps work off thermal energy this is energy generated from heat.

Reasons why you should upgrade to a heat pump:

  • Heat pumps can transform the comfort levels in the home.
  • Reduce running costs and energy usage.
  • Significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Different types of heat pump systems draw heat from different sources: water, air or the ground. The heat generated is released through radiators, underfloor heating or warm air. All heat pump systems, (excluding those providing warm air to the home) can fully supply the hot water needed in a home.

Heat pumps are very economical to run, powered by electricity, they are a greener, cleaner alternative to oil, gas, solid fuel or electric home heating systems. Heat pumps can replace existing oil or gas boilers and they work best in homes that are well insulated. Heat pumps also have simple controls so that you can choose a heat level to suit you at all times.

Our Heat Pumps Expert Partner

SSE Airtricity have chosen to partner with Mitsubishi Electric Ireland to bring heat pump technology to our Generation Green Home Upgrades. Mitsubishi Electric have developed heat pump technology for homes and produced Ecodan – one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today

Windows and doors

A couple of home hacks for energy efficient doors and windows. DIY Dermot always has the right approach… Love it!

Reasons why you should upgrade to new windows and doors:

  • · Your home will be better insulated. There will be fewer draughts, meaning you’ll spend less on energy to warm your home and, to keep it that way.
  • · Noise reduction - you’ll hear less noise from outside with double glazing and seals.
  • · Increase the value of your home as new windows and doors will not only improve how your house looks but they’ll help to increase your BER (Building Energy Rating).

If you’ve a busy house, upgrading your windows and doors may seem a little overwhelming. Your SSE Airtricity project manager is there to help you.

Our Windows and Doors Expert Partner

We’ve partnered with Munster Joinery, Europe’s largest manufacturers of energy efficient windows and doors, with over 40 years’ experience. Your project manager will help you to decide on the best framing and glazing options for your windows and doors. They’ll also arrange the work schedules for you and give you helpful advice every step of the way.

Electric vehicles

DIY Dermot has to make an important call on fitting his new Electric Vehicle charger. A moment of clarity saves the day… Love it!

Why choose electric vehicle charging at home?

  • Power your car with 100%* green energy from SSE Airtricity.
  • Get support with SEAI grants and applications.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and charge easily at home.

Our EV Charging Partner

We’ve partnered with the experts at ePower to deliver a best in class EV charging service. ePower will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for an Electric vehicle charge point installation that suits your needs.

Interested in upgrading your home?

From insulation to solar, from heat pumps to doors and windows, we’ve got the experts for you. Our partners are SEAI registered installers and we can help you with grant applications.

Your Generation Green Home Upgrade will reduce the cost of heating and keeping your home warm, whilst reducing carbon emissions, increasing your comfort levels and property value of your home. It’s one call, it’s one job, it’s one point of contact.

Start your journey by filling in our BERWOW online calculator. You’ll discover the current building energy rating of your home and learn how you could upgrade this rating too.

Low cost green lending from the Green Hub from An Post and a streamlined SEAI grant applications are included in the end-to-end project management. We’ve brought together expert partners in a simplified and cost-effective process that takes all the hassle out of upgrading your home’s building energy rating (BER). Then contact us and we’ll take care of the rest for you:

  • Free initial consultation over the phone
  • Design and survey in your home
  • Grant applications
  • End-to-end project management
How does a home upgrade work?

How does a home upgrade work?

Find out more