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We're here to help

Learn more about managing your energy usage and how we can support you at this time.

Customer Support

If you’re worried about your energy bills, we’re here to help.

We can review your account to ensure your bills are accurate and that you’re on the best rates available to you.

We can arrange a payment plan that suits you. Or, we can refer you to a support agency that can give you advice.

Find out everything you need to know about meter readings: why they are important and when to do them and how to sign up for reminders.

Check our Meter Reading Guide to find out how to read your electricity or gas meter.

Did you know that meter readings help keep your bill accurate?

Making some small changes in how we use energy everyday can help save on energy bills.

Learn more about the energy saving tips to help reduce your use in every room of the house.

Green Goals is here to give you useful information about where your energy comes from, your household energy usage and tips to help reduce your bill.

Simply click on the badges to watch these short informative energy usage videos.

Your account in the palm of your hand. It’s now even easier to manage your energy with the SSE Airtricity app.

Everything you need to keep on top of your energy usage, and you can do it on the go. 

Top ups and payments on the go. 

We’re aware that some of our customers may have special requirements where the continuity of their energy supply is important.

We aim to provide the best service possible to all of our customers and in particular those customers who require special services, for example the elderly. 

Is This a Good Time?

Find out the best time to use energy this winter, sign up to get ESB Networks hints and tips.

The Eco Explorer’s Club

At SSE Airtricity we’re really excited to educate and engage both parents and kids alike with our Eco Explorer’s Club

Community Fund

We're proud to have supported over 2,000 forward-thinking and important local projects in that time.