SSE Airtrcity and COP26

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference

Helping to achieve net zero by 2050 is at the core of our low carbon strategy. That's why we're proud to be a Principal Partner to COP26, the UN climate change summit, which takes place in Glasgow this November.

Powering change together: SSE Airtricity and COP26

COP26 has been billed as the most important climate summit since the landmark Paris Agreement at COP21 back in 2015. In November, COP26 will bring countries around the world, including Ireland, together to discuss climate change and - crucially - how to tackle it. The discussions that take place at the event will help shape climate policy for decades to come.

Sign a turbine – pledge your support

SSE’s Dogger Bank wind farm is being built off the North East coast of England. As the biggest single source of offshore power in the world, it's a symbol of the change needed globally. To mark this pivotal moment in history, we’re asking you to virtually sign a turbine blade. By signing the turbine, you’re pledging your support for climate action and sending a message to world leaders at COP26. Learn more and sign the turbine here.

Going to COP26?

Find SSE Energy Solutions in the Green Zone at Glasgow Science Centre, check out the Augmented Reality (AR) platform for Smart Cities. If you’re needing to charge your devices and take time out, The SSE Recharge Lounge at The OVO Hydro will be open for Blue Zone delegates. Recharge your devices with 100% renewable energy directly from the Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire, Scotland. For more information on SSE's partnership with COP26, visit the SSE website

At COP26 we need world leaders to agree an ambitious plan of action, putting us on the journey to a net zero future

Terms like Net Zero or events like COP26 can feel removed from our everyday lives – we want to change that.

Meet Victory Luke, a student and climate ambassador. We’re going to go on the road with Victory, to meet some of the people driving change for a greener future. In the run up to COP26, Victory visited the first all-island climate event in Belfast and the National Geographic ‘Planet or Plastic’ exhibition. Next Victory will attend COP26, meeting people driving meaningful change for future generations.

Follow her journey on

A Greener Journey

Recently Klair Neenan, MD of SSE Airtricity, met with Climate Ambassador Victory Luke at Dublin Zoo.

Another stop on ‘A Greener Journey’ with Victory Luke where she meets people driving change at home and in business. Victory and Klair discussed their hopes, aspirations and actions ahead of COP26. In a quickfire round, they shared their favourite books and who they admire.

Planet or Plastic Exhibition

Ahead of COP26, SSE Airtricity partnered with the National Geographic Society and the Sick of Plastic campaign to bring Planet or Plastic? to the island of Ireland. Touring locations in Belfast and Dublin, this striking exhibition features work from some of the world's most acclaimed environmental photographers. You’re invited to learn about the history or plastic and learn about the actions we all need to take to power change. Find out more about visiting the exhibition and the Sick of Plastic campaign here.

Reaching Net Zero

To avoid the worst effects of climate change we collectively need to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees and to do that countries worldwide have committed to cutting carbon emissions to zero by 2050, making us carbon neutral. That’s the Net Zero we hear so much about and setting out a plan to achieve that is what world leaders are coming together to do at COP26.  At SSE Airtricity we’re committed to working with governments and other stakeholders to help meet this challenge and our COP26 partnership is key to this commitment, allowing us to move the dial on climate discussions on behalf of our customers.


There is a real opportunity for our generation to be the one that people look back on as making the right decisions at the right time to change our planet. We may have to adjust mid-journey and when we get there, our destination might look different to what we thought when we set out, but our ultimate goal is achievable and COP26 will certainly help shape how we get there. As a business, our challenge centres around how we can help our customers make greener, more sustainable choices and as individuals we can all make small changes to our daily decisions that will benefit our environment.


As we approach the summit we’ll bring you articles, blogs and features here, exploring the issues at stake for COP26 and throughout November we’ll be updating on the debates that are core to delivering a decarbonised future as we power change together.