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Proud to make a difference

The SSE Airtricity Community Fund

SSE Airtricity is Ireland's leading provider of wind power. Through our Community Fund programme, we've so far contributed over €6.5m in voluntary annual funding to community groups close to our wind farms. We're proud to have supported over 2,000 forward-thinking and important local projects in that time.


Through our Be The Difference project, we also give each of our employees one day a year to support local communities and charities.

View our 2016/17 Be The Difference Annual report 


invested in local communities


wind farms


local projects supported

What we do

The SSE Airtricity Community Fund supports communities around each of our 28 wind farms through an annual fund, which is distributed to local groups for projects with a focus on energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.

View our community fund report


The fund for each wind farm:

  • Starts one year after the wind farm starts producing electricity
  • Runs for the lifetime of the wind farm
  • Is set each year according to the electricity produced by the wind farm.

How to apply

Projects applying must be not-for-profit, community initiatives and within a 20-kilometre radius of the related wind farm. They should be targeted at improvements in energy efficiency, safety or sustainability. 

  1. Download the forms

    Download the Community Fund Application Form, Community Fund Declaration Form and Contractors Quote Form

  2. Tell us about your project

    Fill out your application form, telling us about your community group and project. Remember the contractor must complete the contractors form under the relevant heading and attach the quote.

  3. Send in your application

    Submit your application form to or by post:

    Anne Reynolds
    Community Development Officer
    SSE Airtricity,
    Red Oak South,
    South County Business Park,
    Dublin 18 W688,

  4. Applications are reviewed by SSE Airtricity

    Remember your project must meet the programme's criteria.

  5. Funding announced

    Anne Reynolds, SSE Airtricity Community Development Officer, will contact all successful and unsuccessful applicants to provide feedback of the panel's decision.

  6. Community photo and presentation

    Anne will organise a visit to your community and present successful groups with their funding.

Fund Opening and Closing Dates 2017/18

CountyCommunity FundOpening DateClosing Date
County Tipperary Knockastanna 13 March 31 March
County Monaghan Mullananalt 3 April 21 April
County Cavan Bindoo 3 April 21 April
County Cavan Gartnaneane 3 April 21 April
County Cavan Corneen 31 July 18 August
County Cork Coomacheo 29 May 16 June
County Cork Curragh  29 May 16 June
County Cork Coomatalin 29 May 16 June
County Donegal Meentycat 4 September 22 September
County Limerick Dromada 4 September 22 September
County Limerick Tournafulla 4 September 22 September
County Limerick Rathcahill 4 September 22 September
County Limerick Athea 4 September 22 September
County Sligo Dunneill 4 December 12 January 2018
County Sligo Kingsmountain 4 December 12 January 2018
County Wexford Richfield 4 December 12 January 2018