Your day and night meter

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Your day and night meter

How to change from a day and night meter to a Smart meter?

You may have received a letter from the ESBN about the National Smart Metering programme inviting you to make a Smart meter exchange. If you have a day and night meter and are looking to make this change, you can do so by contacting us.

After speaking with us, we will send a request to ESBN to include your Smart meter in the exchange programme. Following this request, ESBN will then contact you about the installation.

Once your meter is in the exchange programme, ESBN will then send out some correspondence, notifying you when they’re due to exchange meters in your area. Additionally, they’ll send out a letter closer to the time of the exchange. The estimated Smart meter exchange date will be a maximum of 7 months from the date SSE Airtricity contact ESB Networks on your behalf.

What will happen after my Smart meter is exchanged?

Once your current meter type is exchanged, your new Smart meter will be installed and activated, including the change in charges of new day, night and peak rates. Please contact us if you want to discuss the rates that will be applicable to you once you have moved to a Smart meter.

ESBN will send you a notification of the scheduled date your meter exchange will take place.

Once your meter has been exchanged, the Smart meter rates will apply. ESBN will also begin to establish the level of connectivity they have to your meter; this will take a minimum of 30 days. If after the 30 days it’s established that you’ve a connectivity level of three or four more smart services will become available to you, such as Interval smart services.