I have a smart meter. Why am I asked to submit my readings?

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I have a smart meter. Why am I asked to submit my readings?

  • You may receive estimated bills if you have a smart meter but have not yet enabled smart services.
  • If you have Interval (30 minute) Smart Services activated, you may receive estimation on your bill if your smart meter was not able to communicate with ESB Networks to provide your 30-minute usage data. In such cases, the estimated usage will be replaced by actual usage as soon as the meter connectivity is restored to normal. Adjustments will be made to your next bill accordingly.
  • If you have Non-Interval (Bi-Monthly) Smart Service activated, we will receive your meter read once every two months from ESB Networks and if this does not align with your billing cycle you may get an estimated bill. To avoid this, non-interval customers are advised to submit their meter reads regularly.