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Moving Premises

What do I need if I am moving premises?

If you are leaving your premises and need to close your SSE Airtricity account, you will need to contact our Customer Service Team with the following information:

  • Meter reading taken from the meter the day you are vacating the premises (if you cannot provide us with a meter reading your final bill will be based on estimated readings and may not be accurate). Note: If the premise has a smart meter with Interval (30 minute) Smart Services enabled, there is no need to submit a reading as the usage will be logged remotely.
  • A forwarding address for your final bill
  • If you could provide us with the name and contact telephone number for the New Occupier (may be the landlord or the letting agency)

Important – you remain responsible for the electricity used in these premises until you have closed your account properly or arranged with us to have the supply disconnected.

What do I do when changing company name or tenancy?

If you are changing your company name or the occupancy of your premises, you will need to contact our Customer Service Team to complete this change.

How do I sign up my new premises with SSE Airtricity?

On the day you move into your new premises and wish to sign up to SSE Airtricity, please call our Customer Service Team and register your new supply. Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your SSE Airtricity Account Number (if you have one)
  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for your new premises.
  • Meter Serial Number (from the front of the meter in your new premises)
  • The meter reading from your new premises. Note: If the premise has a smart meter with Interval (30 minute) Smart Services enabled, there is no need to submit a reading as the usage will be logged remotely.
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Bank details (to set up your Direct Debit payment)

Depending on the type of business you will also need to provide the following:

  • For Limited Companies: The Company Registration Number
  • For Sole Traders and Partnerships: your name and date of birth.

Will I need to pay a security deposit?

We may ask for a deposit as security against payment of your bills. Any deposit applied will be based on three months’ supply using your last 4 bills with your current supplier to calculate the amount of the required security deposit. If you do not have any previous bills available, we will calculate the security deposit based on your industry type and the size of your new premises.

A security deposit may not be required if you have existing premises supplied by SSE Airtricity with a good payment history, or if you are low risk business with a good credit rating. This security deposit will be held until the account is finalised. In the case that you have a limited company, we will complete a credit review when annual accounts are filed with the Companies Office.

How do I make sure the new supply is connected?

Before the new supply can be connected, you must first register with us. To do this you require the Meter Point Reference number (MPRN) from ESB Networks. If you do not know your MPRN please call ESB Networks at 1850 372 757. 

Once you have the MPRN please call the Customer Service Team. You will be asked all the same information as required for moving in as outlined in ‘how do I sign up my new premises with SSE Airtricity’.  


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