What is Microgeneration?

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What is Microgeneration?

Microgeneration is the general term used to refer to small-scale generation of electricity from renewable technologies, such as solar PV, wind power and combined heat and power (CHP). This type of generation allows customers to produce their own electricity on site, as an alternative or supplement to electricity imported from the grid.

As well as meeting some, or all, of your electricity demand, as of early 2022 microgeneration took a step forward with the introduction of the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG). This means that while the majority of the energy produced will be used to power your property, from time to time, when there is surplus electricity from your microgeneration you can export this to the grid and receive a payment for it. By reducing your offtake and increasing the volume of renewable energy supplied to the grid you can actively contribute to a greener, cleaner Ireland while reducing your own energy bills. A great deal for you and a great deal for the environment.