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Meter Readings

What do I need to know about my meter?

Your electricity meter records how many units of electricity you use. This is measured in Kilowatt Hours which is displayed as kWh.

Your tariff depends on the type of meter installed in your premises. For example, 24-hour meter, Day & Night meter, day, night and peak meter.

Who Reads My Electricity Meter?

ESB Networks aim to call out up to 4 times a year to obtain a meter reading (all depending if they can gain access to your meter).

If the reader is unable to gain access to the meter, they will leave a post card advising you they called and to submit your own meter reading within 24 hours otherwise an estimate reading will be used. If you have a meter set up for Non-Interval Smart Services, your meter will be read remotely upto 6 times per year.

Estimated readings are calculated based on the last actual meter reading and are usually accurate. We would encourage all customers to submit meter readings regularly to avoid any over/under estimated bills.

If you have received an estimated bill and it's not accurate, please contact the Customer Service Team with your own meter readings to apply them to your account and re-bill if required.

If you have a smart meter with Interval (30 minute) Smart Services enabled, you don't need to submit readings as your usage is logged remotely by your meter.

Can I read my own electricity meter?

Yes, you can. For help reading your meter please visit ESB Networks' website for step-by-step instructions on how to read your electricity meter

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