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Group Billing

How does group billing work?

If you have 2 or more premises with the same meter type and is registered under the same legal entity, you can request us to merge these premises to create a group account to form a single, convenient monthly (or bi-monthly) Group Bill. 


Does the group bill contain a breakdown of charges for each site?

Yes, the group bill will give you an overall amount of all the sites together with an itemised invoice for each site. The itemised invoice gives you the full supply address and the total charges for that site.

What if I only pay part of a group bill?

If you only pay part of a group bill, your part-payment may not be allocated to the correct sites as it goes off the total balance. This can lead to great difficulties for both parties trying to reconcile payments at a later stage.

Can Domestic and Commercial sites be on the same group account?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to merge domestic and commercial sites together.

Can premises be added or removed from the group account?

Yes. New premises can be added, and existing premises can be removed at any time. Just contact our Customer Service Team and we will make the required changes.

Can I view all the sites under the same Business Online account?

Yes, if they are all under the same account number you will be able to view all account information under the same username and password.

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