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Gas Customers

How are gas tariffs calculated?

All SSE Airtricity Energy Solutions gas customers are charged based on their kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption, as well as a daily standing charge. These tariffs are made up of the elements listed below, with Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Government-mandated Carbon Tax listed separately on customer invoices.

Higher-usage customers (Gas Band Y, Z, Daily Metered and Large Daily Metered based on the Supply Point Capacity (SPC)) are also charged a pass-through ‘capacity element’ on their invoice to ensure availability of contracted maximum capacity. All tariffs vary based on a customer’s gas band as determined by Gas Networks Ireland.

How is my gas bill calculated?

 SSE Airtricity Energy Solutions gas tariffs are made up of a combination of four main elements:

  • Wholesale energy costs which relate to the cost of purchasing gas over time to meet customer demand, which is subject to seasonality and relates to market conditions and forward commodities at the time of purchase.
  •  Pass-through costs which are set by several different regulatory and networks bodies and are passed on to all suppliers to cover costs including transmission and distribution.
  •  Supplier margin which is required to cover all operating costs as well as explicit margin for running a commercial business.
  •  Conversion Factor which is a multiplier we use to convert your gas from the units on your meter (cubic meters or hundred cubic feet) into the units you are billed on (kWh). More information is available here.

All customers are also subject to payment of VAT, as well as the Carbon Tax, which is a charge applied to all energy sources that produce carbon dioxide emissions as mandated by the Irish Government since 2010. 


How do I read my gas meter?

Digital Meter:  

If you have a digital meter where you can directly read the numbers (digits) like the diagram below, read the figures as shown from left to right, ignoring the numbers to the right of the comma (or in some meters ignore the numbers in the red box).

Digital gas meter

Dial Meter:

If you have a dial (clock) meter it will display a series of dials, like the diagram below. The four small dials at the bottom should be read from left to right.

dial meter

  • The position of the pointer on the dial indicates what the reading should be.
  • If the pointer is between two figures, use the lower figure, e.g. if it is between 7 and 8, use 7.
    However, if the pointer is between 9 and 0, use 9.
  • Place the numbers in the corresponding squares on the No Access card (see example below).

Meter Type B

When a Gas Networks Ireland meter reader cannot access your meter to read it, they will leave a no access card. This no access card shows the date of the call and your GPRN.

Every gas point in the country has a unique identification number known as a Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN) which is 7 digits long. To ensure your gas bill is accurate, please read your meter and submit an accurate reading using either our online Web-A-Read or our 24-hour Dial-A-Read service.

You must always quote your GPRN, which can be found on the no access card or on your bill.

You can submit your gas reading on Gas Networks Ireland’s website here.

Carbon Tax Increase

There will be an increase in the rate of Natural Gas Carbon Tax (NGCT), from €41.00 to €48.50 per tonne of CO2 emitted, effective from 1 May 2023. NGCT is a universal charge that is controlled by the Irish Government. This tax applies to all natural gas customers, irrespective of supplier.

The new rate of carbon tax will be reflected on your bill as 0.00877 €/kWh (previously 0.00741 €/kWh), excluding VAT. For more information on the carbon tax increase click here.

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