Can I postpone my utility bill payment?

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Can I postpone my utility bill payment?

We’re happy to set up payment arrangements to allow our customers to pay in instalments. Get in touch with a member of our team as soon as you can to discuss options for your business.


What is the Covid-19 Supply Suspension due to Temporary Closure?
Who can apply for this suspension?
How Do I Opt Out of Covid-19 Supply Suspension Scheme?
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How can I apply for the Covid-19 Supply Suspension due to Temporary Closure?
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When will the suspension be applied and will I be notified?
Can the supply suspension be backdated?
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I have access to my meter and have been submitting meter reads through my online account to ensure my bills are accurate. Will actual consumption continue to be recorded while the suspension is in place?
What if I have a small amount of usage recorded, even though I’m not in the premises?
How long will the suspension of network charges last?
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What if my business re-opens before 31 July? Can I cancel the suspension on network charges?
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Is your Customer Service Team still available to contact?
I received a meter read alert, but I can’t access my meter now. What should I do?
I’m worried about paying my bills. What supports are there to help me?
Can I postpone my utility bill payment?
What happens if I can’t pay my bills on time, will I lose supply?
My bill is posted to the business premises, but I am working remotely and can’t access it. How can I view my bill?
I don't have a direct debit set up for my business account. How can I pay my bill?
My question I have isn’t here?

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