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Code of Practice

SSE Airtricity Commercial Codes of Practice


SSE Airtricity entered the Irish Commercial Electricity supply market in 1998 and the Commercial Gas supply market in 2010 and we have increased our market share year-on-year ever since.

We believe that we are playing a pivotal role in delivering competitive energy supply to Irish consumers.

We are committed to always providing the energy businesses need, working to give our customers a service that we are proud of and that meets their needs, and to making promises that we can deliver on.

These Codes of Practice1 have been approved by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) and outline our commitments to our commercial customers.

1Note: The attached codes of practice do not apply to LDM or LEU customers. Guidelines for customers in these consumption categories are determined on an individual contract basis.

Codes of Practice

Marketing & Sign Up

We want to give all consumers and customers full confidence and trust in the responsible marketing of SSE Airtricity's energy supply and related services.

Customer Sign up

We're committed to ensuring that your switch to SSE Airtricity is conducted in a transparent and fair manner. This includes not providing you with any misleading information.

Our field representatives will always be able to confirm their representative status by production of an identity card that shows their full name, photograph, SSE Airtricity business address and contact number. We will inform you of the nature of our visit, and will leave if requested. Unless agreed with you in advance, we will never call to you outside of normal business hours.

Telephone Marketing & Sign up

Our team will always identify themselves and that they are calling on behalf of SSE Airtricity. We will never call you for marketing purposes outside of normal business hours.

Marketing Online & Offline - Undertakings

We will:

  • Give you accurate, fair and transparent representations of both our own and our competitors' products, services and all related charges, including any or all standing charges.
  • Make comparisons on a like for like basis, with the data source and date clearly presented.
  • Provide you with a method to 'opt out' of future marketing activities, and add you to our 'no contact' database if requested.
  • Make you aware of all offer terms and conditions and the offer duration when advertising special promotions or offers.
  • Display a list of terms and conditions on our website when offering promotional or introductory incentives or discounts.
  • Present all of our tariffs in a clear and transparent manner that conforms to current CER Energy Supplier obligations.

Commercial Billing

SSE Airtricity will send you a bill every two months unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with you. If you are Interval Quarterly Hour or Half Hourly customer you will bill you every month.

Your bills will show whether we are billing you for gas or electricity and if they are based on an actual read, an estimate or a read you sent us. On your bill (A) = Actual Meter Read, (E) = Estimated Meter Read and (C) = Customer Meter Read.

If you choose in order to improve the accuracy of you bills we will, free of charge, remind you by SMS or email to submit meter readings for your account.

We will bill you for your energy usage at the appropriate price. Your energy will be charged at separate unit rates or if there is a price change during your billing period, at pre and post unit/charge rates. We will let you know in advance of any price change and will publish the new prices clearly on our website. Your bill will also show the period to which the bill relates, the date of issue, the date upon which your payment is due and any outstanding balances.

Every effort will be made to bill you on time, but in exceptional circumstances – for example, if your bill is unexpectedly delayed by more than 30 days - we will contact you to let you know the reason for the delay when we become aware of this.

Payments will be allocated against the oldest statement on your account regardless of single fuel or dual fuel unless otherwise instructed by you.

Moving Premises

When moving premises phone 1850 40 40 70 or email movingbusiness@sseairtricity.com on your last day to ensure your final meter reading and bill are as accurate as possible.

It is the responsibility of the account holder to provide us with a correct meter reading on their day of departure. If the account holder is a tenant and does not provide a meter reading it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a closing read. If you're moving over the weekend you can call us on the following Monday. Please don't forget to tell us though as you'll be responsible for all charges at your old address until we've been notified that you have left.

Changing Supplier

If you change suppliers, we will send you your final bill from the date that you change supplier and will close your account within 6 weeks, providing your account is paid in full.


SSE Airtricity is committed to engaging and working with customers who are having difficulties paying bills. We consider disconnection of supply a last resort and only after other avenues to recover payment have been exhausted.

If you are worried about bills or money you owe us, please talk to us. Together we can come to an arrangement that allows you to sensibly manage your bills. We are committed to helping you if you are experiencing genuine difficulties in paying your energy bills and, where appropriate, will offer an arrangement to pay an agreed amount by instalments.

In the event where agreement cannot be reached then disconnection will be requested, if you are a dual fuel customer you will have the option of selecting which fuel we will disconnect first.

Reasons for disconnection of supply

  • We have no current contract in place with the company/consumer for a particular premises following 14 days notice in writing from us of this requirement.
  • We are requested on behalf of the customer, to withdraw the supply from a particular premise.
  • Power may be disconnected for safety reasons.
  • The contracted consumer/Company at an SSE Airtricity supplied premise fails to pay bills relating to the supply of Electricity/Gas within the agreed credit terms stated in SSE Airtricity’s supply contract and in the absence of a mutually agreeable payment arrangement.

Notice of disconnection of supply for no contract

Where a previous occupier has closed their account for a property and they have moved out, we need to know when a new occupier moves in. If you have recently moved in you must contact us on 1850 40 40 70 as you are now responsible for paying the energy bill. Failure to do this may result in disconnection of supply.

  • We will advise you via postcard that a contract is required, along with a deposit request. This postcard will also give 14 days’ notice of disconnection.
  • To give you every opportunity to avoid disconnection, we will phone you during this period, after 5 days, if details are available to us.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner/occupier to register the account.
  • If at this point we still do not have a contract in place we will request the disconnection of supply for the premises.

Notice of disconnection of supply for non payment

We consider the disconnection of supply due to unpaid bills a last resort. Our first preference is to work with you on a suitable payment arrangement that will allow you to address the issue. In doing this we will take into consideration your ability to pay and find the best solution for you.

The following reminder notice types may be given to customers in arrears prior to disconnection and are based on days overdue past our standard credit terms of 14 days: Reminder Letters, Collection Calls, Disconnection Call and Disconnection Notice.

We are committed to entering into mutually acceptable payment arrangements at any stage during this cycle, taking your ability to pay and current consumption into consideration at all times.

We will not disconnect where:

  • You have entered into a mutually acceptable payment arrangement and you are adhering to the conditions of that arrangement.
  • You have a genuine, open complaint with SSE Airtricity or the CER, which directly relates to a debit on your account (all other charges must be paid in full).
  • In the event that a customer is disputing a bill the above only applies to the disputed bill and not to any previous or subsequent bills, which must be paid as normal.

We aim to work with our customers to ensure that disconnection periods are as short as possible. Reconnection for no contract and non-payment will proceed in the following ways:

Reconnection for no contract

We will initiate reconnection once the contract has been signed and any associated disconnection and reconnection fees are paid in full, as well as any security deposit, if applicable.

Reconnection for non payment

We will initiate reconnection as soon as an agreeable percentage of the arrears is paid, along with any associated disconnection and reconnection costs, and a payment plan is agreed for the remaining balance (note in the case of historical payment problems or high risk companies, the full balance plus and associated fees must be paid up front) as well as any security deposit, if applicable.

Complaint Handling

At SSE Airtricity we’re committed to offering the very best in customer service. Our Codes of Practice set down what our customers can expect from us. We aim to get it right first time, every time. However we recognise sometimes things do go wrong. When this happens we will always deal with you openly and fairly to put things right.

We're here to help

The best place to find out about our service is to read the frequently asked questions on our website as this provides answers to the most common queries.

If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our service, please contact us by phoning 1850 40 40 70, emailing customerservice@sseairtricity.com or via post to SSE Airtricity Customer Service, Red Oak South, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18.

Our Service Promise

Our advisers are here to help and will generally be able to solve your query there and then. If not, we will tell you what we need to do and arrange a time to call you back with a proposed solution which will contain a full explanation of the issue that occurred. If we were at fault, we will apologise.

We aim to reach an appropriate resolution of your complaint within three days. However some issues are more complex and may take longer to resolve.

If you are not satisfied with the way your issue has been handled by our Customer Service Team, you can ask to speak to one of our supervisors.

  • If we have still not resolved your issue or you are unhappy with the outcome, you may request your issue be escalated to the Escalations Manager, who will be happy to deal with you. Should your issue remain unresolved your complaint will be referred to our Customer Service Manager.
  • If your complaint has still not been resolved to your satisfaction we will provide you with a final response in writing and refer you to the CER for an independent review of your complaint.

When to contact the energy regulator

If you have tried all the steps listed previously and you are not happy with our proposed resolution to your complaint you can refer your complaint to the CER.

The CER plays a role in relation to dealing with unresolved issues with respect to energy suppliers. You can contact the CER in writing, via email or by phone:

Customer Care Team
PO Box 11934
Dublin 24

Tel: 1890 404 404
Fax: 01 4000 850

Email: customercare@cer.ie
Web: www.cer.ie/customer-care

Any decision made by the CER will be implemented by us within 10 working days.

Useful Contact Information

If you have any questions about your account, if you’re moving or have difficulty paying your bills, you can contact us in any of the following ways:

By phone: 1850 40 40 70

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm.
These calls will be charged at local rates from any landline in the Republic of Ireland, calls made from mobile phones will cost more.

By email: customerservice@sseairtricity.com

By post:
Customer Service
SSE Airtricity,
Red Oak South,
South County Business Park,
Dublin 18

Visit us online: sseairtricity.com

Submit a meter read:
If you want to submit a gas or electricity meter reading, Log in to My SSE Airtricity at sseairtricity.com

Phone - Electricity: call ESB Networks on 1850 337 777 (LoCall) with your MPRN number.
Phone - Gas: call Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 427 732 (LoCall) with your GPRN.
These lines are automated and available 24 hours a day.

Emergencies: If you have any problems with supply you should contact ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland on:

Electricity: call ESB Networks 24-hour Emergency line on 1850 372 999
Gas: call Gas Networks Ireland 24-hour Emergency line on 1850 20 50 50

CER: Phone: 1890 404 404
Email: customercare@cer.ie