What is Maximum Import Capacity?

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What is Maximum Import Capacity?

We offer customers a connection designed around a specified capacity. The capacity of your connection is the total electrical loading for which your connection is designed. Capacity is measured in kilovolt-amps (kVA). A kilovolt-amp is similar to a kilowatt. The capacity level for customers is described as the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC).

We design our network to provide you with an electricity supply that is in accordance with a specified MIC. Business customers agree a level with ESB Networks according to their specific requirements.

Why is MIC important?

When applying for a connection, the most important decision is the capacity level you require. The capacity of your connection (the MIC) is an important figure for several reasons:

1. It’s the capacity that ESB Networks commits to deliver to your premises.

2. It places an upper limit on the total electrical load you can use.

3. It is a determinant for connection charges. For a detailed breakdown of these charges refer to Connection Charges.

4. Your MIC may be too high or too low for your needs - either way it will cost you money:

  • If the MIC is too high, you may be paying for more capacity than you require.
  • If the MIC is too low, you may incur an 'Excess Capacity' charge.

How to estimate your capacity requirements

You must choose the capacity that meets your needs. (From our experience, it is almost always much lower than the sum of the kilowatt ratings of all the equipment you plan to install.) You should discuss your MIC with your electrical contractor / consultant and ESBN

Increase (or decrease) your MIC

If your load has increased and now exceeds the MIC for your connection, you need to increase the MIC to cater for the increased load. 

(Source ESB Networks)

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