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Supporting business on the road to net zero

SSE Airtricity Energy Solutions make renewable energy supply and solutions accessible to firms of all sizes, who need to control costs and carbon emissions. We equip businesses with the tools to make choices about how their organisation can combat climate change


We're helping our customers control their energy usage through monitoring and targeting of their unnecessary consumption. We will help your business implement strategic energy control measures and design tailored solutions to suit all business types and budgets.

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ISO Certification

ISO 50001 certification gives your business a clear road map for energy efficiency success. The main objective is to improve energy related performance.

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Money back for every KWh saved

Our team are experts at helping businesses become more sustainable and providing savings and returns to these businesses.

Our Certified Energy Managers and Certified Measurement and Verification Practitioners have verified over 200GWh of energy savings through our participation in a wide range of energy efficiency projects and technology upgrades. This knowledge base from the learnings on these projects has uniquely positioned the SSE Airtricity Energy Services business at the forefront of the energy efficiency market. 

  • Energy Audits & ISO Certification: Every business has those energy hotspots that drive consumption but there are some simple things you can do to take control of these, like an energy audit. Our energy experts will work with you to identify, measure, improve and track progress until your dream green business is a reality.
  • Energy Credit Rebates: Being a sustainable, environmentally conscious business shouldn’t involve extra effort or extra cost. To help your business on the energy efficiency journey we’ll provide financial and technical supports to Irish businesses for energy saving projects.
  • Solar PV Solutions: With our partners, Activ8 Solar Energies, we can help you power your business using energy generated off your own roof, making you more efficient with energy use and your budget. From site survey and grant support through to install and service, we’ll manage everything so you can focus on what matters.
  • LED Lighting Upgrades: A simple switch to LED lighting can reduce energy used on lighting by 70%, reducing your bills and your carbon footprint.
  • EV Charging: With a network of delivery partners we can design and install a charging solution tailored to your business. Just pick how many you need, where you need them, fast, rapid or standard speed charging and we’ll deliver the perfect package for your business.
  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements: Invest in a zero carbon Ireland with our corporate PPA structure, providing you with green energy today and a bridge directly to renewable assets

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