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Switch your gas to SSE Airtricity

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Join the thousands of businesses switching to gas with SSE Airtricity

SSE Airtricity can provide your business with natural gas or green gas through Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin certificates (RGGOs). We can help you build a cleaner, greener future for your business.

The benefits of choosing SSE Airtricity

Green gas

We can help you on the road to becoming a carbon neutral, net zero company. With our Green Gas tariff, we’ll match 100% of your gas consumption with renewable certificates on an annual basis to reduce your emissions*, helping you achieve more ambitious environmental targets. With these small steps, we have the power to change the world.

Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin

RGGOs are issued for every kWh of renewable gas that has been produced from accredited sources. With our Green Gas tariff, you’ll continue to get your gas through the grid as normal and we’ll buy the equivalent amount of RGGO’s to match your consumption.

Business online

Want to know why your bill was more, or less, than the last one? It's all about usage. Business Online allows you to run consumption reports so you get a better understanding of your bills with just one click. Track your usage, submit meter readings, and manage all your account details with Business Online.

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*For emissions reporting using the market-based method under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Green Gas can be reported as biogas.

Pricing options for your business

Fixed pricing

We fix your energy price at the start of your contract, no matter what, providing reduced risk, price stability and peace of mind. With the comfort of knowing your energy price is secure you can dedicate more time to what matters – your core business.

Flexible pricing

Make the most of market movements and opt for a contract that tracks wholesale gas prices on a daily or monthly basis.

Bespoke contracts

Our team will work with you to design a plan that suits your energy needs.

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