Lighting as a Service

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Lighting as a Service

Upgrade your business to energy efficient LED lighting with no upfront cost and save

Build a sustainable green business

Build a sustainable green business

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LED lighting upgrade

Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting can use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting.*

Pay with savings

Install the upgrade with no capital investment required, it’s all covered by easy to manage monthly payments on your energy bill and payback is typically within 3 years.

Project management

Get expert advice from our partners, Verde Energy Group, as well as end-to-end project management with grant and financial support.

Even more reasons to go green

Reduce your energy consumption, helping to lower your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills. In 2019 a multinational consulting and engineering company completed a project in their Galway offices using LaaS, saving €1,000 each month on their energy bills over a 36-month term. With a monthly repayment of €900 covering the cost of the upgrade the business saved an additional €3,600 from upgrading to LED lighting.**

Energy credit rebates are available. Being a sustainable, environmentally conscious business shouldn’t involve extra effort or extra cost. To help your business on the energy efficiency journey we can provide financial and technical supports for energy-saving projects, discounting these from your upgrade costs.

Our expert partners, Verde Energy Group, are a globally accredited specialist in energy-saving lighting who will design and fit a turnkey solution. Warranty and maintenance are also covered at no extra cost over the term of the agreement.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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What happens next?


Free assessment and audit

Request a callback and our partners at Verde Energy Group will contact you to assess your needs, talk through the process and schedule a site audit.


Design, proposal, and agreement

Following the audit, you’ll receive a proposal tailored to suit your business needs with the agreed term and payback schedule.


End-to-end project management

Supply and installation, energy credits, grant applications, admin, and finance. It’s all included in our end-to-end lighting service.


Pay from savings

Repayments are made through a fixed amount on your monthly energy bill for the length of the contract. The repayment amount is covered by the energy savings from the upgrade so there’s an instant positive impact on your energy bills.

A simple solution


No upfront cost

Pay from savings

Energy credit & grant supports

*Source: SEAI, SME Guide to Energy Efficiency, p.44, PDF.

**Annual Lighting Energy costs pre install: €15,000
Cost of project: €32,400
Annual Savings: €12,000
Monthly Payments (36 months): €900
Monthly Savings: €1000
Profit per month: €100