Demand Side Response - ROI

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Demand Side Response

Generate revenue and help the environment with Demand Side Response

Building a greener, cleaner future for your business

Build a sustainable green business

Cool Planet

Demand Side Response

Our Demand Side Response (DSR) programme involves the reduction of electricity consumption by your business when the National Grid comes under pressure.

Earn additional revenue

If your business is able to respond in line with energy fluctuations of the National Grid, then your business could be earning additional revenue.

Project management

We are working with our partners Cool Planet Group, who are known for uncovering business opportunities in tackling climate change, and together we implement a bespoke DSR energy solution for your business.

Benefits of DSR for your business

Save money

Using energy at low times means you’ll get your energy at a better rate.

Unlock revenue

If your business is flexible in its energy usage and can respond to the requirements of the grid, you can unlock a new revenue stream for your company.

Help balance the grid

It is not just a monetary reward; you can improve the reliability of the grid by reducing your demand at peak times.

Go green

Your business will improve its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards, which is good for the environment, good for staff and good for the community.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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What is Demand Side Response?

DSR helps to reduce pressure on the grid as larger commercial businesses and industries alter their demand. It will have minimal impact on your business’ operations. In return for your help maintaining the stability of the electricity grid, your business will receive a financial reward, as well as reduced energy costs and improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials.

When consumption on the grid peaks throughout the year, additional electricity generation is required to meet demand. We’ll ask that your business alters its energy consumption to help balance the grid. This can be achieved through:

• Switching off energy consuming equipment such as cement mills, pumps, refrigerators and coolers.
• Using an alternative supply such as generators or batteries.

We are extremely happy with the DSR solution provided by SSE Airtricity and Cool Planet Group. At all times their professional can-do attitude and exemplary on-site level of detail, have made for a very solid and reliable partnership for our DSR aggregation requirements. The most notable factor is that DSR has helped maximise the benefit we receive from our flexibility on the grid, saving us money, helping us earn additional revenue and improving our CSR commitments.

John Dunne, The Irish Times

What happens next?


Free assessment and survey

Request a callback and we will contact you to assess your businesses flexibility, talk through the process and create a tailored plan for your business. If we think there is potential for onsite back-up generation or equipment that can have its electricity consumption reduced for brief periods then DSR could be a viable opportunity for your business.


Design, proposal, and agreement

The solution for each business is unique, but the process will begin with a full energy review and we’ll work with you to understand business processes, site assets and potential demand flexibility.


End-to-end project management

We look after the process so you can focus on what matters – your business.

A simple solution


Save money

Generate additional revenue

Help the national grid