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Frequently asked questions

What is a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA)?

A CPPA is a contract under which a business agrees to buy some or all of its electricity directly from a renewable energy generator, such as a wind farm (which is connected to the grid).

What is a Guarantee of Origin?

A Guarantee of Origin is an electronic document that proves to a final customer that a quantity (MWh) of electricity originated from a specific renewable energy source. The Guarantee of Origin tracks renewable energy production to the final customer, providing full transparency for these consumers.

Can all business customers avail of a CPPA?

No, business customers would need a minimum electricity usage greater than 10GWh’s annually in order to be suitable for a CPPA with SSE Airtricity.

What will I need to do to avail of the CPPA offer?

You can leave your details in the ’Request a callback ’ form and we will contact you or you can contact SSE Airtricity on  0818 81 21 44 or, to express an interest.

Will I need a separate supply contract?

No, with an SSE Airtricity CPPA the energy purchased from the wind farm will be included within your supply contract and invoiced with your monthly supply bill.

Where are the wind farms located?

All wind farms available for a CPPA are located in the Republic of Ireland and are wholly owned by SSE Renewables, our sister company in the SSE Group. Choice of wind farm subject to availability.

With whom I am entering into a CPPA agreement?

You will be entering into a CPPA agreement with SSE Airtricity for this offer. 

What is the duration of a CPPA?

The duration of CPPA varies, however customers will need to enter into a minimum two-year agreement.