Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

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Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

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Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

At SSE Airtricity we’re on a mission to bring SSE’s clean, green electricity to all businesses on the island of Ireland, so you can cut your carbon footprint, however big or small.

What is a CPPA?

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) allows you to buy electricity from a specific windfarm, giving you full traceability. Securing energy at a fixed price is a great way to minimise your risk.

Personalised for your business

SSE Airtricity can offer you a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement tailored to your business needs.

Benefits of a CPPA for your business

Fixed pricing

A CPPA gives your business a fixed price for energy for years to come. This is good for your business as it increases budget certainty.

Simple to manage

Historically, CPPAs have been complex to implement, limiting the number of customers who could access them. With SSE Airtricity you only need to deal with one counterparty and sign one agreement.

Reduce carbon

Your business will be buying 100% green energy* so you will be lowering your CO2 emissions. Specific Guarantees of Origin (GOOs) from your selected wind asset will be retired and labelled directly against your energy demand.

Environmentally friendly

Customers, investors and employees are increasingly demanding genuine action on climate change. There is growing pressure to deliver against stretching sustainability targets. SSE Airtricity can help you demonstrate that your business is fully committed to cutting carbon.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Learn more

What happens next?


Free assessment

If you are responsible for procuring the electricity needs of your business and your business consumes more than 10GWh’s annully, then request a callback and we will contact you to assess your businesses suitability for a CPPA.


Choose your windfarm

We will assess your requirements against the generation output from our portfolio of windfarms.


Agree your CPPA

A single agreement with one counterparty SSE Airtricity.



Benefit from green energy at a fixed price

A simple solution


Green energy


Bespoke for your business

*100% green energy based on Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions for 2020, published by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), October 2021. For more information visit