Wind farm open day at Dunneill Wind Farm

The communities of Co. Sligo and north Co. Mayo were invited to discover the power of wind on Saturday, 11th June 2011, when Airtricity – Ireland’s greenest and fastest-growing energy supplier – hosted a wind farm open day at Dunneill Wind Farm near Dromore West to celebrate Global Wind Week 2011.

Of particular interest on the day was the presence of Toyota’s new Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology, one of only three such demonstration vehicles in Ireland, being powered directly from one of Airtricity’s 850kW wind turbines at the Wind Farm. This is the first time that an electric vehicle of this type has been seen being powered by a turbine here in Ireland.

The event, provided local communities with an opportunity to experience the wind farm and the benefits of wind energy up close.

The Dunneill Wind Farm, which powers Airtricity and is operated by the company’s parent SSE, is an extension of Airtricity’s existing 25MW Kingsmountain Wind Farm. Located to the south of the village of Dromore West in Co. Sligo, the 11MW Dunneill Wind Farm consists of 13 Vestas 850kW turbines and produces enough green energy to supply approximately 8,000 homes. The energy generated at the wind farm will save up to 33,000 tonnes of harmful polluting carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere each year.

The energy generated by SSE for Airtricity at Dunneill Wind Farm will help ensure that Ireland meets its targets of 40% renewable energy generation by 2020 and the EU’s mandatory 20% reduction in carbon emissions.