Bin Mountain and Tappaghan wind farm

Airtricity is today presenting £12,000 in community funding to groups in the locality of the Bin Mountain and Tappaghan Wind Farms. The presentation ceremony is taking place at 8pm in the Glendarragh Valley Inn, Ederney, Co. Fermanagh.

Under Airtricity’s Community Fund Program, the company makes a financial contribution from each of its wind farms to local projects. The fund takes a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. This year’s Bin Mountain/Tappaghan fund is supporting projects from Colaghty, Ederney, and Lack as follows:



Jill Knox, Lack Primary School, comments:

“We are delighted to be awarded funding through the Airtricity Community Fund. The road signs will provide a safe environment that will encourage sustainable travel. The use of warning signs will promote good road safety and will reduce overall speed in the school area.”


Anne Reynolds, Airtricity Community Liaison Officer, comments:

“Renewable energy investment not only brings economic benefits to the country as a whole, but also specifically to local communities. With Airtricity’s new focus on energy efficiency we aim to make a real impact on the energy consumption of local community groups. Not only does this reduce energy costs, but it also reduces the CO2 output of the local community.”


“The Airtricity Community Fund is paid out every year for the lifetime of the wind farm. We look forward to future applications for the Bin Mountain and Tappaghan community fund and hope to learn about more innovative ways to reduce energy consumption.”


The Tappaghan and Bin Mountain Wind Farms are operated by Airtricity’s parent company SSE, the broadest-based energy utility in Ireland and the UK. The wind farm has a generation capacity of 37.5 MW – enough electricity to power approximately 20,000 homes – and all power produced by the wind farm exclusively supplies Airtricity customers.


The green energy generated at the Tappaghan and Bin Mountan Wind Farms will help ensure that Northern Ireland meets its targets of 40% renewables by 2020 and the EU’s mandatory 20% reduction in carbon emissions. As well as contributing to Airtricity’s greener electricity supply, the renewable energy produced at the Tappaghan and Bin Mountain Wind Farms contributes a massive reduction in greenhouse emitting CO2 of between 43,000 and 100,000 tonnes each year.