Airtricity to present €7,000 to local Tipperary and Limerick community projects

Airtricity, Ireland’s fastest-growing and greenest energy utility, is today presenting €7,000 in community funding to local groups around the county border region of North Tipperary and Limerick. The presentation ceremony takes place at Cullen-Lattin Soccer Club, Cullen Co. Tipperary, beginning 1pm.

Under Airtricity’s Community Fund Programme, the company annually makes a financial contribution from each of its 25 wind farms across Ireland to local projects. The fund has taken a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

This year, Airtricity is making grant awards to three community-based projects adjacent to the 4-turbine Knockastanna Wind Farm situated at Doon, Co. Limerick and on the border with Co. Tipperary. This is the second presentation by Airtricity of the annual Community Fund for the Knockastanna Wind Farm which went into commercial operation in March 2009.

Airtricity is making individual funding awards to a selection of innovative projects promoted by community groups in the areas surrounding the wind farm. Projects in Cullen, Kilcommon, and Cappamore being funded include:

- Solar powered hot water system for Cullen-Lattin Soccer club in Cullen

- A Building Energy Rating (BER) for St. Michael’s Daycare Centre in Cappamore

- A Building Energy Rating (BER) for Kilcommon Community Village Hall