Careers with SSE Airtricity

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Careers with SSE Airtricity

Electrify your career

Who we are

At SSE Airtricity we provide 100% green electricity†, natural gas and essential services to homes and businesses across Ireland. We employ around 1,000 people directly on the island of Ireland.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We encourage diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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Republic of Ireland | Northern Ireland


Discounted healthcare and a wide range of offers via our SSE Advantage scheme.


34 days holiday (incl. public holidays). Plus the option to buy additional days.


Enhanced maternity and paternity leave including partner’s leave, pregnancy loss leave, gradual return to work for new parents and leave for fertility treatment.

Sharesave scheme

An easy way to save money and buy shares in SSE PLC at a reduced price in the future.

Cycle to work

Through this scheme SSE Airtricity will purchase a bike and safety equipment of your choice up to the value of €1500 / £2500 which can then be deducted from your gross salary.


SSE Airtricity matches your pension contributions of up to 6% upon joining, rising by an additional 3% after 5 and 10 years of employment.

Our people

Enhanced maternity and paternity benefits

Mia McCarthy - Head of Sustainability Ireland

Mia McCarthy - Head of Sustainability Ireland

“I am the proud mother of a daughter born through surrogacy. The road to getting to the point where I can call myself ‘mom’ has not been an easy one. But every day when I wake up at the crack of dawn and in the dark trip over a never ending line of cars, dolls and building bricks and I am (for the most part!) very grateful. The journey to this point has seen extreme lows of thinking it will never happen for us, the losses of babies we have privately named but whose names will never be uttered and the hope that keeps you going.

When we were eventually blessed with our own small family unit which we had craved for so long, the practicalities of navigating the life admin began. First on the list, figuring out what entitlements I had as a mother, albeit a mother through different circumstances. I was in a very lucky position that my workplace, SSE, afforded me the same supports as any other mother through its various HR policies.

Having policies that acknowledge all of the ways in which families are formed, including adoptive leave and leave for fertility treatment and recognising the space needed for pregnancy and child loss are all so important in ensuring that employees are identified for what they are; individuals, with their own individual familial journeys.”

A workplace that shares my values

Eamonn Brownlee - General Manager of Energy Services ROI

Eamonn Brownlee - General Manager of Energy Services ROI

“I joined SSE Airtricity because of their commitment to Net Zero and their ambition to help homeowners reduce their own carbon footprint by upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes through the One Stop Shop programme. Additionally, my research on the company prior to joining, highlighted the focus that they place on their people and the development of the teams within the organisation.

I work in the office a minimum two days per week, but often three days. This flexibility has been great for me since I joined. It was not something I had in my previous roles, and it has been a massive benefit to my work and personal life balance. I lead a combined team of staff and contractor resources, over 100 in total, with our main focus being the retrofit of domestic and commercial properties through our One Stop Shop programme, and I also manage our gas boiler service and repair division. Our teams are all working in a similar pattern and with the ability to communicate via MS Teams, our productivity levels are well maintained.

The thing I enjoy most about working at Airtricity is the people. Everyone I have worked directly with, or have collaborated with on specific projects, have been fantastic. The culture I have experienced since I started has been far above any that I have previously experienced. The opportunities afforded to me, and the faith placed in me by my own manager has also been a significant highlight and has helped me to get clear direction for how I want my career to progress. The work itself is exciting and challenging, with no two days being the same. It feels great to be part of something new and to be able to build the team and structure to deliver our ambition."

Work / life balance

Christina Martindale - Sales & Retention Operations Manager

Christina Martindale - Sales & Retention Operations Manager

"As a mother to two children creating a healthy work-life balance where career progression can work alongside investing in a healthy home environment has always been extremely important to me.

I feel that employers who provide responsible flexibility which recognises the challenges that go hand in hand with delivering an effective work / life balance creates a more rounded work place that engenders loyalty. SSE Airtricity embodies this for me.

Respect and a diverse work place are also a motivating factor for me. Having enthusiastic and caring team mates helps lighten the mood in order for us to keep motivated and achieve success."

Leading by example

Shivani Jog - Complex Billing Specialist

Shivani Jog - Complex Billing Specialist

"As a Leader and provider of 100% green energy, SSE Airtricity has responsibly succeeded in carrying out the daunting task of Green Business Sentiment Index, thereby leading by example.

It’s part of SSE Airtricity's DNA to support the work we do every day in working with customers to find greener, sustainable solutions to energy problems.

SSE Airtricity's continuous endeavour to reflect on the way business should be done and constant analysis is proof enough for me to believe in its ability to make a difference!

The company’s announcement as a Principal Partner of COP26 was a testimonial of their aim to achieve a Net zero strategy. In SSE Airtricity, I have found my soulmate company!"