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Introduce a friend and receive £20 credit

15 December 2011

Introduce a friend and receive £20 credit

Encourage your friends to join Airtricity. We’ll credit your Airtricity account with £20 for every friend that joins!

There’s no limit – for every new person you introduce, we’ll credit another £20* to your account.  


Here’s how it works:

Step 1 
Ask your friends to join Airtricity online or by calling 0845 601 4321.
Step 2
Ensure your friends quote your unique promotional code: The word “Intro” followed by your Airtricity account number, e.g. “Intro123456”. We can only apply the £20 bill credit where promotional codes have been quoted.
Step 3
Once your friend has registered with Airtricity, we’ll credit your account with £20.

*Terms & Conditions apply.