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How do I analyse my energy data?

First you need to choose whether you want to analyse your past usage (this is the easiest), or analyse in real time.

Analysing your past usage

To do this you'll need an RJ45 to USB data cable or a normal data cable with a RJ45 to USB converter to connect your monitor to your computer. 

You'll then need to download a driver for the energy monitor to your computer, which will allow you to download your data in XML format, which you can view in Excel.

For this to be effective, it's best if you wait till your energy monitor has at least a week's worth of data.

Real-time analysis

To do this you need to purchase a 'Bridge' device. This device connects to your modem or broadband connection and will send your energy data usage in realtime to a compatible web portal.

A list of compatible web portals can be found on the Current Cost Software Downloads page under 'Web Services'.


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